What’s existing negative energy creator?

「existing negative energy creator」とは、「ネガティブなエネルギーを運ぶ生き物」と我々は呼んでいる。



実際、そういった生き物が存在している。姿が見える事もあれば、何かエネルギーを感じることもある。「existing negative energy creator」が見せる姿は、黒い人影であることが多く、身長は2~3mと高い。



We call “existing negative energy creators” “creatures that carry negative energy.

“They eat all the negative energies that people give, such as “jealousy,” “jealousy,” and “inferiority complex.

” People’s misfortune is often the taste of honey.

In fact, such creatures exist. Sometimes you can see it, sometimes you feel some energy. The appearance of the “existing negative energy creator” is often a black figure, and the height is as high as 2 to 3 meters.

And it moves quickly. Sometimes it disappears in an instant, and sometimes it stares at me for a certain period of time.

On the other hand, they may come closer or punch us.