A Happy New Year 2021〜憑依されないために




私たちメンバーは幸い誰も罹患しておりませんが、いつもexisting negative energy creatorに狙われているため気が抜けません。

仕事中、買い物中、ヒーリング中、カウンセリング中、運転中、そして睡眠中もexisting negative energy creatorは世界中の人々を狙っています。

人々の放つnegative energyが、エネルギー源だからです。
















Happy new year.

2020 was a tough year due to the coronavirus epidemic.

I think many people have been forced to change their lives and environment.

Fortunately, none of our members are affected, but we are always targeted by the existing negative energy creators, so we are not disappointed.

Whether at work, shopping, healing, counseling, driving, and sleeping, the existing negative energy creator targets people around the world.

This is because the negative energy emitted by people is the energy source.

Now that the coronavirus is widespread, the energy released from that anxiety will be a delicious treat for them.

However, I don’t think there are many people who are not worried about this time.

In such a case, let’s do this.

It deliberately drowns out the anxieties that have arisen.

You can say “I don’t have this idea” by myself, or you can mutter in your heart.

They come in even with a small gap. And possess.

Going in and out … It may be less frequent at first. However, when it gets worse, the personality can be hijacked.

From the perspective of the family, it may seem like a mental illness.

Some clients go to university hospitals. Some clients have a diagnostic name.

However, no matter how much you go to the hospital, it doesn’t improve, and if it gets worse, you may consider “possession” as an option.

To be honest, we don’t like contacting “possessed” clients as much as possible.

This is because, from our experience, we know for ourselves how difficult it is to be called “expulsion of spirits” or “disappearance of evil spirits.”

This is a very risky act. You need to be prepared to take your life. With half-hearted feelings, not only us but also family, friends, pets, etc. can have various bad events such as life, injury, traffic accident, illness, fraud.

To prevent this from happening, to avoid being “possessed”, and to be able to be yourself, it is important to have “thoughts” on a daily basis, and healing is also important.

Of course, it is important to keep in mind organic foods and foods with few additives.